The Basics of Integrating a Command Center for Your Business

Are you looking into a command center for your organization? Well, you’re one of the many owners that’s making a wise decision. For one, command centers can provide your company with unprecedented security measures and a global eye that can survey any segment of your business with relative ease. Here are some steps that’ll help you get started.

How Much is too Much?

First off, you’ll want to consider how much you want to invest into your command center. As great as it would be to have a high-tech network operations center video wall integrated, you want to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Is your company that large in scale that it requires a full-fledged operating center that’s staffed with dozens of specialists? If not, you could easily have a much smaller center that can work on LED video wall displays and a few employees running the show.

Work With an Experienced Contractor

Another priority that you’ll have to consider is finding the right contractor that’ll create your command center from the ground up. Companies are highly recommended due to their knowledge and years of experience. Speaking of which, experience in the field is one of the primary aspects of the hiring process. Don’t consider contractors that do not have a solid track record. Doing so may result in a loss when it comes to your investment as well as a huge headache to add to it.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a large company or a smaller business, having a command center that operates completely on its own can be a huge benefit for you. With so many companies integrating these centers into their business plans, it’s no wonder they’re taking off so quickly. Just remember to keep an eye out on your initial investment so you don’t allocate a significant amount that’s worth more than you can afford.

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How to start setting up a voice controlled home

Article written by Technology Innovations

The issue with the current crop of smart home products is that very few of them work together. Every manufacturer has a vision of the Internet of things that is usually incompatible with a competitor. What’s worse is when a company is acquired, and their product line is removed with little notice. This is why it’s a good idea to assemble home automation equipment that is as cheap as possible and has some connectivity to others. This way the investment is limited. Let’s look at how we can set up a voice controlled home satisfying that criteria:

The first step is to get a voice interface. There are only two real choices here: the Amazon Echo and Google Home. When looking at the Echo, choose either the Echo Dot or the main Echo device. Both of these will work with the majority of home automation gear.

The next step is to set up control of lighting, air conditioners, etc. There are two approaches here, control the bulbs or control the switches. In a home with more than one occupant, it is wiser to go the switch route to prevent confusion.  There are several affordable solutions by Asian tech companies to control switches and IR devices.

The third is to establish control from the voice interface. This is the tricky part. Most of the above devices required an Android device or third party software to act a bridge. Look for guides on support for these platforms before purchasing.

That is all you need to get started. From this point, all you need to do is find other elements of the home to control and see what hardware is required.

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Gadgets in the workplace

Article provided by Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings. 

Gadgets always come handy in the workplace. They contribute to boosting efficiency of employees by helping them in certain tasks and have even boosted employee morale due to the fun factor that they add to the organization. The list below depicts some of the gadgets that are mostly used around the workplace.

All-in-one PCs

The all-in-one PC has the advantage of being quite compact and requiring little space. These types of computers are also quite rapid which makes them good investments if you are seeking the desktop computer experience. The design of the all-in-one PC comes at the right middle between the tablet and the desktop computer.

Self-stirring mugs

Self-stirring mug is one of the most helpful gadgets in an environment where people tend to consume a lot of coffee or tea. This is ideal for the lazy hot beverage drinker. The stirring function is activated by pressing a button located on the handle of the cup. This is perfect in cases where you are not able to find a spoon or do not want to spend too much time stirring.

Fingerprint Time Clocks

These employee time clocks allows people to easily clock in and out of their office without using a badge. This prevents situations where the badge is lost and thus the employee has to look for a new one. These types of systems automatically track time reports and compile attendance data.

Javier Loya grew up in El Paso, Texas and now lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two daughters. He the founder and co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings, the largest independent OTC commodity brokerage in the world. He graduated from Columbia University in New York and is a minority owner of the Houston Texans football team.


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What Rattan Furniture Can Add to Your Office

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Rattan furniture is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions office design. Many small businesses’ office buildings are designed with efficiency in mind, rather than aesthetics. However, there are good reasons why aesthetics should also be a major part of office design plans.

According to a study by Clutch, aesthetically pleasing workplaces can play a key role in employee morale and retention. 61% of surveyed workers valued an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable workplace the most, as opposed to other workplace perks such as community and learning opportunities. In the recruitment phase, 27% of employees “strongly agreed” and 51% “agreed” that office appearance and work environments influenced their decision of where to work.

Office appearance may not seem like an important factor, but no one wants to work in a drab, dull office environment. As a result, office designers should be willing to add eye-catching, unorthodox elements to workplaces. Rattan furniture’s elegant, caned design is evocative of nature. Rattan furniture pieces can be a welcome sight in any office dining room or break area.

Wicker Paradise has a host of rattan furniture products you can use for tropical accents in your workplace. From rattan chairs, sofas, and barstools to full dining sets, their rattan products can help your workplace convey a sense of warmth and comfort. If you prefer wicker furniture, you can also browse their indoor and outdoor wicker furniture collections. These products will also add an exotic touch to any office space. For any questions about their products, contact Wicker Paradise at 1-800-894-2537.

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Using Web Design and Web Hosting to Improve Your SEO

Blog provided by Electric Kitten

If you’re trying to increase organic traffic to your website, SEO should be an important component of your marketing plan. Anyone can pay for advertising space in Google Ads, but it takes a different skillset to raise your website’s rank in search engine results. Effective SEO requires comprehensive knowledge of the factors that can affect your search engine rankings. SEO experts will tell you that web design and web hosting can play a part in your success in Google search results.

Search engines such as Google are designed to give the highest rankings to websites that provide the best user experiences. Small details that improve a user’s experience are tangible advantages when websites are rated by Google’s algorithm. For example, websites that are designed to be mobile-friendly will be ranked higher than those that have not been optimized for mobile users.

Another factor that affects Google rankings is page speed. This is where both web design and web hosting can play a part in SEO success. Websites with overly complex visuals can slow downloading speeds, leading to user frustration. Low-quality shared hosting servers can be slower because websites are sharing resources with other websites on the same server. The best web designs are user-friendly and easy to navigate, while the best web hosts for SEO and page speed are dedicated servers with high uptime.

If you need Los Angeles web hosting with dedicated servers or colocation, visit Electric Kitten for great web hosting options in Southern California.

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The Best Gadget Deals on Cyber Monday

Blog provided by Curacao

Cyber Monday is the perfect time for online shopping deals on all the latest tech and gadgets. Here are some gadgets to put on your Cyber Monday shopping list.

Amazon Echo Dot with Wemo Mini Smart Plug


This convenient package deal contains Amazon’s Echo Dot smart home device with Alexa, along with Wemo’s Smart Plug for extended control of your home’s functions through your phone or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. You can find this clever bundle at Curacao.

Google Home Max


Google Home is another leader in the field of smart home devices, and the Google Home Max can provide home automation, music, and even fun trivia games for your next party. The Home Max speaker is one of Google Home’s larger-sized smart home devices.

Canon SLR Camera


Don’t forget that Cyber Monday is also a great time to get discounts on digital cameras. The Canon EOS Rebel T7 shoots high-quality photos and high-definition video for professional-quality pictures.

iPhone 11 Pro Max


The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a powerful, durable smartphone model with the most advanced camera features in an iPhone to date. From its processing power to its ultra-durable glass, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a worthwhile choice for many. The T-Mobile store has some good deals on the latest iPhone models.

Beats Wireless Headphones

Beats headphones are known for their stylish appearance, noise-canceling features, and sound quality. A wireless set of Beats headphones will allow you to listen freely without getting tangled in cords. Check for the best selection of headphones.

You can find great deals and financing on electronic products at Curacao. These fantastic products could also be yours for low, easy monthly payments if you sign up for Curacao Credit. It’s quick and easy to get approved, even for customers with low credit scores!

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