Basic computer security mistakes you should avoid

Most Hackers are successful not because they have unknown methods of breaking into other computers, but because most end-users of computers and organizations make common and basic mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes everyone should avoid:


Updates to Microsoft and Apple products are free. All you need is internet access and a bit of time to download and install the updates. Most users ignore the update popup and continue to use the computer. Always update all your devices, apps, applications, operating systems, and computers.

Older versions

Another issue that is similar to the above is keeping older versions of the software. Most developers only maintain the latest version of the particular application. Most users keep older versions to avoid buying a newer version. Just remember that the older application could be a vector for an intrusion into your systems.


Downloading random applications online is another threat. There are so many download sites that you need to ensure that any program you download is from a known developer. Also, when you download known applications, always do so from the official site. Third-party download sites often add Malware and Adware to downloads before making them available.


In a recent study, security researchers found that almost 90% of pirated software came with Malware. The offending Malware was written into the applications, making it impossible to remove. Saving a few bucks by downloading a pirated applications might open your computer up to Malware and even Ransomware.


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Chromecast Review

In 2014, the Chromecast, Google’s media streaming adapter, was the number one selling streaming gadget in the US. This was according to figures gathered by the NPD sales group. According to the report, content were streamed more than 1 billion times since the product was released in July 2013.

Chromecast is an affordable adapter that allows for media streaming and works through any HDMI television. The adapter basically turns the TV in an app-driven smart device when it is paired with a smartphone, computer or tablet. This product is designed to simplify the process of transferring digital content from mobile devices to TV screens.

The Chromecast comes in the form of a small dongle that can be plugged directly to a TV and which detects and connects to Wi-Fi networks. Then one only needs to choose what to watch from a connected device and Chromecast would stream the content and display it on the TV screen. The main product differentiation of Google’s Chromecast is that it does not feature any interface on its own. The product requires requests from connected devices to define what to stream.

Upon its launching, the Chromecast had surprised customers with the relatively low price. The product features a large array of compatible apps and services such as YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, Starz, HBO Go and Showtime. Some other local channels are available depending on the geographical location of the user.

Chromecast is mostly suited for Android and iOS devices, having little compatibility with Windows Phone 8 for example. Windows phone users have the option of the TubeCast app though.

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Hottest E-Readers Comparison

There are many e-readers on the market and these devices are often preferred by bookworms. Even though tablets and phones consisting of larger screens offer the possibility of reading on the go, readers might be disrupted by notifications from incoming emails and social network updates. The e-reader allows readers to focus on only one main activity: reading. The list below compares some of the hottest devices in the market.

Kindle Paperwhite (Wi-Fi)
Amazon has certainly perfected the art of coming up with affordable and convenient e-readers. The Kindle Paperwhite consists of a 6 inch touchscreen coming along with the sharp E Ink technology. The screen is very responsive making for a great swiping experience. Battery life lasts up to 2 months.

Kobo Aura H20
Kobo offers an array of about half a dozen of different devices. Kobo devices come with relatively more features and customizability compared to Amazon devices. The Aura H20 is a waterproof (it resists H20) and quite durable device. The screen is larger than the Paperwhite, about 6.8 inch. Kobo integrates with the Pocket software, enabling users to saves articles or pages to Pocket so that they are readable on Kobo.

Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight
Barnes & Noble had started out in the e-readers market along with Amazon. Quite disappointingly, their lines of Nook products have not been refreshed and updated as often as the Kindle. The Nook Glowlight still remains a good affordable e-reader.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook
Even though tablets are not necessary convenient when you want to indulge in reading, this one might be convenient for reading emails or online contents. This tablet also has the features of regular ones.

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