How Coating Application Changed the Medical Scene

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Medical device coatings have come a long way in terms of development and application. Years of extensive research have led to a product capable of entering the human body without harming the patient or exposing them to the risks of infection. These coatings vary in form and can be as simple as thin metal or as advanced as pore-laden polymer coating.


Creating the Coating

There are multiple forms of technologies that engineers can use to create the coating. Being such a vital part of the process, the application of the coating must be taken care of with precision and care. A thorough and complete inspection is necessary to check for any potential detrimental effects.  Upon approval by inspectors, the coating is then introduced to the market.

The creation of the coating can be done in various intricate ways such as: PVD thermal evaporation, surface polymerization, spray coating etc. Through all of these methods, viscosity plays a huge role in the delivery of the liquid to the surface, therefore determining its efficiency.

The Importance of Coating

The human body’s defense mechanism is extremely complex. The insertion of medical devices will naturally provoke the body to defend itself. Certain plastics, or metals, are compatible with the body but lack the properties which would make them effective. The same goes the other way around where some materials irritate the body but once inserted, would generate a relatively positive response. This is where coating application blossoms.

Minimal irritation and inflammation following placement of the medical device is important for the patient’s well-being. A coated medical device can not only achieve that, but can also: encourage tissue growth and promote a rapid healing process, severely decrease the chance of infection due to device placement, and even manipulate the body’s defense system into “accepting” it. Through rapid-fire advancements, coating applications have become an integral part of medicine.

Flow Control

To improve production processes, new flow control technologies have been produced. This is especially important in the area of liquid spray coating. By utilizing this type of technology, one will see an increase in uniformity which coating is dependent upon.

Wrapping it Up

With today’s advanced coating discoveries, medical science can now apply advanced methods such as thin film evaporation and chemical vapor deposition to technologies giving them the potential to reach new heights.
Denton Vacuum transforms barriers into thin-film technology breakthroughs for customers across the globe in providing vacuum deposition systems.

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The Emerging Technology Behind Precise Engineering

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Summary: See three industries that have been dramatically affected by improvements in American manufacturing.

The United States is a world leader in emerging technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques. The applications of these technologies are useful in a wide array of industries, and the discoveries are driving science the world over. American manufacturing has made so many aspects of our daily life easier, and continues to push the envelope in future technologies.

Here are three industries that directly benefit from these innovations.


UHV sputter deposition is central to many of the electrical components in an airplane, which can include the skin of the plane itself. The technique applies a film that can be microns in thickness, which is ideal when working with precision instrumentation. One good example is electro-static shielding, which houses navigational components as well as the plane itself.


Another field seeing improvement measured in leaps and bounds is the field of medicine. The medical manufacturing industry has made major breakthroughs involving plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. One example is the aqueous coating applied to tubing that goes inside the patient’s body. The coating allows the patient to experience minimal discomfort. Coupled with an anti-microbial solution, the patient returns to the hospital fewer times from infections related to those devices.


PVD thermal evaporation is useful in the production of lenses for eyeglasses. Chemicals used for anti-glare properties must first break down into gaseous form. Those particles are bounced around a sealed chamber, where they eventually come to settle on the lens in an even coating. The coating dries, remains durable, and provides the protection from glare that allows the owner to get around safely.

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Advantages of a portable air conditioner

Written by MovinCool

During the summer months it can get very hot. That is the perfect time to look at portable air conditioning. It is the type of air conditioner that you can move around with from room to room, office to office, hence an appropriate climate control solution for an otherwise non air-conditioned environment. Portable air conditioners also have other advantages.

movincool4The advantages of a portable air conditioners.

  1. Cheaper than all the other types of air conditioners.
  2. Does not require any installation-this is because you do not have to find a professional to help you install since installation is easy. All you need is to make sure the hose is outside.
  3. More efficient on energy consumption- it uses less energy as compared to central air conditioners which will cool the whole area even if you just need to cool a specific room or section.
  4. Additional features – some portable air conditioners have extra features such as air “dehumidification” which reduce moisture in the air. This is especially important as it helps to reduce growth of mold and other agents.
  5. It also functions as the perfect stand in when a running a/c unit fails. For example, when a server room air conditioner fails, a portable a/c is the perfect interim solution until it is repaired.

MovinCool specializes in AC units for various indoor and outdoor cooling needs including portable a/c and data center cooling.

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The Advantages of using an Online Time Clock

Written by Allied Time

Unlike the traditional time machine, online time clocks allow employees to clock in and out online. This can be done on a browser or a mobile phone app. There are a few advantages online systems have their traditional counterparts:


Unlike physical time tracking systems, the data is available instantly. This is convenient when distributed teams and multiple locations are involved. Usually the data needs to be synchronized from each machine to a central server or computer and then the data is processed. With an online time clock, all this data is available instantly regardless of where the employee signed in or when.


Online time clocks are cheaper to deploy than physical systems. With the online system, only Internet access is needed for anyone to sign in and out. Even when an employee is out in the field they can sign out from a smartphone app. Physical systems on the other hand require the upfront costs to purchase the machines and install them. Then there is the maintenance cost. In addition if any machine breaks down then all the data for that day is unavailable until it is repaired.


Deploying an online time clock is also easy. Once you signup with a vendor you just need to provide access to the sign in and sign out screen to all your employees. For mobile employees only the app is necessary.

Allied Time specializes in providing solutions for businesses, enabling employers and employees to track your time clock online with a cloud-based timekeeping system.

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Always Have Power on Hand

By Start Pac

In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to imagine not having all the power you need. Whether it’s electricity for powering our homes or gasoline for keeping our cars on the road, it’s unfathomable that this kind of life could ever go away. Unfortunately, plenty fo people find that out every year.

 startpac1Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are just a few of the natural disaster types that could end up stripping your home or business of its energy source. When that happens, you’ll be glad you have a ground power unit on hand.

 Of course, we’re not just talking about electricity and gas either. For diesel needs, a gas turbine start up can work miracles. Others may need something a bit more serious.

 We’re also not just talking about natural disasters either. A lot of you should have portable power on hand 24/7 for your business. If you work with large machinery, the last thing you want to do is have one of them stop working because they ran out of juice but are too far away from the power supply. Unless you want to tow that heavy equipment in, it makes a lot more sense to have portable power you can bring to it at a moment’s notice.

Fortunately, in this day and age, we have all the tech necessary to make that happen as conveniently as possible.


Never go long without the portable power supply you absolutely need. No matter what type of power you or your company needs, you’ll find a number of options for using it at Start Pac.

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The Anatomy of a Space Walker’s Helmet

Summary: If you’ve ever wondered why an astronaut’s helmet has the appearance it does, read on.

Astronauts have some of the coolest looking gear, but all of that gear serves a life saving purpose. Think of the helmet like a self contained bubble, where the astronaut can breathe and function thanks to several systems designed to support life. Even the mirrored visor, manufactured with optical coating systems, is designed with more in mind than just “looking flash.” Read on to get a rundown of the astronaut’s helmet and other gear.


Oxygen and Life Support

A crucial component to any astronaut’s helmet is the ability to breathe, which is directed through what is known as a “vent pad.” These pads help direct oxygen, and pressurize the suit. That’s part of the reason why the helmet resembles a clear-plastic bubble. That is until you apply the mirror visor.


Using e-beam evaporation, a mirror sheen is applied to the lens of an astronaut’s helmet. Like UV resistant eyewear, this visor is a crucial guard against direct sunlight. Outside of an atmosphere with little to filter the light, long term exposure can be very damaging. The visor’s tint also helps reduce heat buildup in the suit, just like the tinting on the windows of a car. Mirror sheen coatings can reduce the amount of light by up to 50%, which is a huge benefit to the eyes when exposed to direct sunlight long term.

Of course, the visor also serves the very practical purpose of protecting the astronaut’s face from small objects near the face, like tools or garbage.

Bio: Denton Vacuum, LLC manufactures a thermal evaporation system with a wide range of applications in aerospace, medical and other forms of advanced manufacturing.

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