Four Reasons Why Mobile Internet May Be Better Than Satellite Internet

There has always been a need for alternative rural Internet service providers that can provide high-speed Internet access in rural areas that lack the infrastructure to support traditional broadband Internet service providers. Satellite Internet providers like Starlink and 4G mobile Internet providers like UbiFi have been some of the most prominent alternative Internet companies that have stepped up to fill the niche Justify behind by most of the broadband providers that have opted not to do business in rural America.

However, there are several advantages that mobile providers hold over satellite Internet as long as you are in their coverage areas. First, mobile Internet companies like UbiFi can be significantly faster than satellite Internet service. Second, UbiFi and its cohorts are also capable of providing low-latency Internet service that makes them the best Internet for rural gaming, live streams, and other live activities. Both of these advantages are a product of the shorter distance that mobile Internet signals have to travel from cell towers to rural homes. In contrast, satellite signals have to travel from outer space to reach Internet users on the planet’s surface.

Thirdly, mobile Internet can be more reliable than satellite Internet. Satellite Internet is notoriously unreliable when obstructions such as adverse weather conditions, mountains, and trees block satellite signals from reaching receivers. While mobile Internet service is not completely immune to these obstructions, it does a better job of working in the midst of these obstacles, making it a more consistent and reliable option in general. 

Lastly, mobile Internet is easier to set up than satellite Internet. Satellite Internet providers usually require you to set up a satellite dish and modem, which can be expensive and challenging to install. In contrast, mobile Internet providers usually only give users a mobile router they can use to connect easily from their homes.