The Advantages of Using Mobile Internet in Rural America

Residents of rural America have learned to rely on a unique set of rural Internet service providers, in contrast to the prevalence of mainstream Internet service providers in urban and suburban households. Since many mainstream Internet companies have chosen not to do business in rural areas because of the higher risks from a business perspective, alternatives such as dial-up, DSL, mobile, and satellite Internet have sprung up to fill the niche of Internet for rural areas.

Because dial-up and DSL are outdated, they are consistently outperformed by satellite Internet providers like Starlink and mobile Internet providers like UbiFi. Both mobile and satellite Internet are popular because of their use of hi-tech solutions to address the lack of good infrastructure for broadband in rural areas. The technology behind satellite Internet is impressive because of the way it uses satellites orbiting the Earth to transmit Internet signals to rural households. The technology that powers 4G mobile Internet is less impressive, but it may be more practical in the long run.

Because of the distance between satellites and rural households, levels of latency will naturally be higher. In contrast, mobile Internet companies like UbiFi take advantage of the abundance of cell towers scattered throughout the country, even in places as remote as rural America. Since signals from cell towers have to travel a much shorter distance to rural households, mobile Internet providers can provide high-speed, high-performance Internet service that carries low latency, which makes it ideal for customers looking for the best Internet for rural gaming. Companies like UbiFi also offer unlimited 4G rural Internet, which gives them an edge over satellite companies that enforce strict data caps and charge expensive overage fees.

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Are RV Mobile Internet Service Providers Good for Entertainment?

When browsing through the best RV Internet options, you may be looking for different features based on your needs. For many RVers, the ability to watch entertainment during long nights on the road may be the biggest priority. RV mobile Internet service providers are often seen as high-quality options because of their speed and portability. But how do they stack up when it comes to supporting the latest entertainment options?

Customers who have used 4G mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi have had a history of seamless video streaming through popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. For avid entertainment enthusiasts, it is always best to choose an unlimited 4G rural Internet provider like UbiFi, which does not charge overage fees or enforce data caps. Many customers of Internet service providers with data caps avoid streaming services because of the amount of data streaming services can consume.

Another factor that may lead you to choose mobile or 4G Internet is whether you enjoy online gaming. Many competitive online multiplayer games require a strong Internet connection with low levels of latency. Satellite Internet suffers from high levels of latency because of the distance between satellites in orbit transmitting Internet signals and dishes or receivers on the Earth’s surface. Mobile Internet providers like UbiFi can be a suitable alternative to unlimited satellite Internet because of satellite Internet’s comparatively high levels of latency. Just be sure you are in an area adequately covered by your mobile Internet provider because signal strength can fluctuate based on how far or close you are to a cell tower used by your Internet service provider.

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Are Satellite Internet Service Providers Truly High-Speed?

Rural residents looking for high-speed rural Internet service providers usually fall back on satellite Internet service providers because of their promises of high-speed downloads and surfing. The best satellite Internet service providers usually offer download speeds of 25-100 Mbps, which is consistent with what mobile Internet providers like UbiFi offer. Though these speeds still don’t compare with cable or fiber Internet speeds, on paper, they are still satisfying enough for rural residents’ needs. However, there is one caveat that everyone interested in satellite Internet for rural areas should consider.

Satellite Internet is fast on paper, but it has the highest latency of any type of Internet. It is telling that ping of less than 150 ms is considered impressive for satellite Internet, while other types of Internet providers can achieve latencies as low as 10-20 ms. The main issue here is an inherent problem with the setup for satellite Internet. One of the biggest factors causing latency is the distance between a household and the transmitter for Internet signals. Because satellite Internet relies on satellites orbiting the Earth, the distance will always be farther than any cable, fiber, DSL, or mobile provider.

With this in mind, rural residents who wish to complete remote work or participate in online gaming with no distractions should consider mobile Internet as an alternative to satellite Internet. Mobile Internet providers like UbiFi even offer unlimited 4G rural Internet with no overage fees. You can even sample UbiFi with a 14-day service trial if you aren’t sold on it. Be sure to choose the best rural Internet service provider based on your needs and not just the most popular or common choice.

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How to Build a Successful Website

Every successful project starts with an amazing plan. Though it will probably need to be altered along the way, this plan should serve as the foundation of your new business. Identify your target market and shopper profiles. You’ll want to design your site with those two important details in mind.

As the designers and developers are building your site, there are important tasks to complete. For instance, start looking for the right vendors to supply your products. Negotiate the best prices and special deals with vendors. Make sure they can drop-ship products quickly and affordably.  Do they offer a convenient buying experience and reliable customer support?

Find a professional content writer who can write the content for each page. Some developers will offer to include this for a higher price. If you have the time and want more control over your content, then you can start looking for freelancers or an agency that can supply copywriters. You’ll also want good regular content for your company blog.

Create & Optimize the Web Store

It’s so important to get things right in your web store. It should have a well-thought-out design with intuitive search and category layout. Consumers have gotten spoiled to the Amazon shopping experience. They want every buying experience online to be that great. It must be user-friendly and easy for shoppers to complete their purchases. Before going live, make sure that all these features work correctly.

Are your product descriptions thorough and intriguing?

Do you have clear professional product photos?

Will you offer bulk pricing updates?

Do shipping calculators work well?

Is the site mobile friendly?

Are you using product configurators?

The book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue offers sound advice to entrepreneurs who wish to create abundance in their personal and professional lives. There are some first-rate tips for learning to meditate and let go of stress in the book.

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Effective Ways to Boost Your Radio Advertisement Strategy

Getting people to come into your business is a tough task on its own. Utilize data from your advertisements to see if they’re as effective as you want them to be.

What defines an effective media marketing strategy? Is it the reach of the advertisement or the capital invested? Maybe it’s the production and distribution rate. Advertising through the media, specifically radio, is one of the most efficient marketing tools that’s continuously used by brands creating awareness for themselves as well as selling their products and services to the public.

According to Pierre Zarokian of iClimber, radio is indeed alive and performing quite well in the digital world.

The focal point of advertisers is the listener base. By understanding who’s actually listening to your advertisements, here are some basic strategies that you implement into your media marketing plan.

Create Surveys

Conducting surveys is essentially the most basic tool that you can use to determine the reach of your customer base. This can be done both online and in-store. If you’re selling a product, consider adding rewards or discounts as an incentive for them to complete your survey. Additionally you can also add the same incentive for customers that mention a special keyword or phrase that’s in your advertisement as well. This tends to give you a rough idea of the exposure that your advertisement is leading to and can aid you in “editing” the advertisement to whichever direction you want.

Sales Numbers

Another way that you can see if your investment has paid off is by looking your sales number from the time your radio advertisement has started to the present. See if there are significant jumps or trends that you can point out. Obviously, the higher the numbers, the more influential your advertisement has been.

If you are interested in online advertising, contact Pierre Zarokian, who has over 20 years experience in digital marketing.

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Basic computer security mistakes you should avoid

Most Hackers are successful not because they have unknown methods of breaking into other computers, but because most end-users of computers and organizations make common and basic mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes everyone should avoid:


Updates to Microsoft and Apple products are free. All you need is internet access and a bit of time to download and install the updates. Most users ignore the update popup and continue to use the computer. Always update all your devices, apps, applications, operating systems, and computers.

Older versions

Another issue that is similar to the above is keeping older versions of the software. Most developers only maintain the latest version of the particular application. Most users keep older versions to avoid buying a newer version. Just remember that the older application could be a vector for an intrusion into your systems.


Downloading random applications online is another threat. There are so many download sites that you need to ensure that any program you download is from a known developer. Also, when you download known applications, always do so from the official site. Third-party download sites often add Malware and Adware to downloads before making them available.


In a recent study, security researchers found that almost 90% of pirated software came with Malware. The offending Malware was written into the applications, making it impossible to remove. Saving a few bucks by downloading a pirated applications might open your computer up to Malware and even Ransomware.


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