The Apple Watch To Be Released In April 2015

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has recently announced that shipping of the Apple Watch will begin as from April 2015. Following their recent sales success of the iPhone and market growth in China, the company is looking forward to the new product launch. Ever since the debut release of the iPad in 2010, the Apple Watch will be the first major new product launch. Tim Cook has announced that development of the product is progressing quickly and they are receiving positive responses from developers.

The imminent launch of the Apple Watch was announced in September last year. The company depicted the product their “most personal device ever”. Initially the approximate release time window of early 2015 was provided by Apple. Apple users and fans would not be able to get the product as from April of this year. Tim Cook has commented that the product completion is going as per plans. Apple usually separates a calendar year into 3 four-month windows comprising of early, middle and late. Therefore the release of the Apple Watch falls within the early time frame window.

Even though the date of the release was communicated, no indication of the actual price of the wearable device has been given. The only pricing indication so far is that the product will sell as from $349. The product will come in three styles; a regular model, a sport version and an ultra-premium model. The latter could be sold at higher rates, competing with luxury watch brands. More announcements from Apple can be expected in the months to come. Information on the price and battery life might be released.

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