How to open your own frozen yogurt business?

Frozen yogurt has become part of the profitable ice cream industry. If you are considering selling your frozen yogurt products, these are a few areas to consider.

Determine the type of frozen yogurt business – Your business may revolve around a self-serve or a full-service. It is vital that sufficient research is done to create a menu and a product offering that suits your customers.

Apply for permits – To open a frozen yogurt business you will require a business license, tax identification number, retail permit, and food license.

Purchase inventory – Your business will require self-serve machines, caddies for displaying toppings, freezers, warmers for sauces and chairs and table for customers to sit. You will also require other standard business items like a fax machine, telephone, credit card machine and register. To serve your cold desserts, you will require plastic yogurt spoons, bowls, and cones.

Market your business – Customers will need to be informed about your business and what products you offer. Start by creating a Facebook and Instagram account for your business. Look at growing the number of people visiting your page and include daily deals that will promote sales. You can also offer free samples to homes, businesses, malls and other establishments around your store. It is also important that you ask your customers what other products you can add to your current product line.

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Amazon planning premium Alex speaker with a large screen

Article written by Cyburg

According to Mark Gurman, Amazon is developing a premium Echo like speaker with a screen. This is an effort to expand its lineup of Alexa enabled devices in order to capitalize on its surprise success.

According to people who are familiar with the matter, the screen will be approximate seven inches. It will also be a departure from the typical cylindrical shape of the current lineup of devices. Just like the Echo, the primary interface will be voice driven and will respond to the current set of commands.

The screen is expected to be introduced in order to provide access to content such as weather forecasts, calendars, and news etc. The screen and speaker will be at an angle so the screen will be visible when close by. The device will be powered by a modified version of Fire OS. It is also likely that the screen itself will be touch capable. There are no plans to change the current lineup and the new screen-based version will come at a higher price point.

This is another volley from Amazon in the growing battle by tech companies to own the living room. The Echo’s success was a surprise to everyone, including Amazon. Now there is a scramble from everyone to get a voice controlled device to the market. At the moment the market leader is Amazon. We are yet to see the market impact of the new entrant Google Home.

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Advantages to Renting a Computer Versus Buying

Article written by Expert Fortran

IT departments sometimes have a concern about replacing their old computer hardware, but before you sink a huge chunk of change into a new computer, maybe you should consider looking at a laptop rental in Irvine. This ensures that you will meet your needs and save money when renting a computer. Computer rental has become especially effective when you need equipment for a short-term project, training or presentation for your employees. You do not have to sink a ridiculous amount of cash into new computers for a one-time event.

When you take your needs to a company that offers a computer rental in Irvine, there’s also some nice tax benefits for your business. While you can claim depreciation on a purchased computer, you can claim even higher tax benefits in many cases when you choose computer rental benefits. However, everyone’s tax situation will be different, and we strongly recommend that you speak with your tax specialist first.

Saving on the maintenance and the setup of your computer has become another strong reason to choose this option. When you do this, you eliminate the time and worry that’s associated with equipment setup. Using a rental firm, you will completely configure your equipment, and many times, your laptop rental from Orange County company will also provide you with technical support. Every computer will eventually experience technical problems, but when you rent a computer, the company you paid will be responsible for repairing those issues. As a result, you save money on repairs, and you gain a little more flexibility with what you can do.
Advantage Computer solution offers computer rental to Anaheim and Orange County. Secure your rental when you visit

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Key Tips For Outsourcing Your iPhone Development

Today, the rapid expansion in Android app development inspires a growing number of companies to seek qualified assistance in designing and creating software applications for mobile phones. The lucrative market for applications has generated intense interest in this field. While some companies possess the expertise to engage in app development in-house, most prefer to outsource the assignment to qualified experts. How do you locate the best developers for your company?

An iPhone app development company Los Angeles must consider the purpose and objectives of the software application, for instance, as well as the scope of the desired final product. Often, large enterprises will outsource portions of larger contracts to specialized groups. One team may code part of a large application, while another may work on similar projects, sometimes using different computer platforms. The ability to offer products that work well across a variety of computing environments holds some advantages, since not all mobile device users rely upon the same models. Additionally, it may prove beneficial to offer both larger and smaller versions of the same programs to meet the needs of different customers.

In the past, some companies actually advertised for “mobile app developers Los Angeles”, yet today the number of skilled app writers has expanded dramatically. Firms may outsource projects locally to individuals or project teams, or the company may even in some cases hire overseas programming firms. Professional app developers in some cases also subdivide large projects amongst teams of code writers to accelerate production schedules.

Halcyon Innovation handles app development in Los Angeles. Nothing is outsourced when you choose Halcyon Innovation.

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Punch-Time Clocks Can Harm Your Company’s Finances

Read below to see how new-age technology has led to the exit of older time clock models.

The century-old punch-card time clocks are a staple system in many businesses today. Their simplicity and cost-efficiency has led to many business owners to employ these machines in their workplace. However, its minimalistic design has led to employees finding “loopholes” around the system in order to get paid slightly more.

One of the most frequently used methods that is still a problem today is the “buddy punching” scheme where an employee punches the card of another that is either late or absent. The end result is an unknown figure that’s being paid out to those that wholly do not deserve it. As a result, more companies opt to use the biometric time clock instead, which eliminates buddy punching.

There have been rising concern however, over the information that someone inputs through a fingerprint time clock. Despite its appearance, any information that’s logged in the system like a personal fingerprint won’t be used for any criminal background check or anything of the sort. Its sole purpose lies in tracking time and attendance. The fingerprint itself is just a numerical value that the computer recognizes and identifies through its algorithms.

Through the use of these systems, businesses and companies, especially ones with a high turnover rate, are experiencing much more success accurately tracking their employees’ time and attendance. Most time clocks also include the ability to compile reports that managers and payroll administrators can open up and look into on their computers. At each pay period’s end, a computerized report of each employee will be delivered to the administrator for further verification.

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The Truth Behind Myths Surrounding Biometric Time Clocks

Written by Allied Time.

Biometric time clocks allow HR departments to more accurately track their employees’ hours than traditional punch or card swipe time clocks. Employees can clock in and clock out using a unique physical characteristic – such as a fingerprint or facial recognition. This makes it impossible for friends to do “buddy punching” for them and almost completely eliminates the potential for fraud.

Employees can also benefit from the use of biometric time clocks. They never have to worry about remembering a password or losing a swipe card. All they need to do is quickly scan their fingerprint or other feature into the system and they are clocked in or out. They can quickly get in and out of work and feel confident that their hours are being recorded accurately.

Despite the benefits for employers and employees, some people are skeptical about the use of a biometric employee time clock. Some of this fear comes from misinformation or not understanding how these machines work. Here is a look at the real answers to some of the most common concerns about biometric time clocks:

Myth: Companies can use the information they collect to snoop on employees.

Fact: Biometric time clocks collect information in such a way that it would be impossible for a person to use this information to spy on another person. For example, when a fingerprint is scanned by a reader, the image of the fingerprint isn’t stored; it measures the distance between certain points on the fingerprint and stores this information as zeros and ones. There is no way to take this information and reconstruct it to show a person’s fingerprint.

Myth: Biometric time clocks are too expensive for most businesses.

Fact: Small businesses can benefit from biometric time clocks. By collecting and storing timekeeping information digitally and automatically importing this information into the timekeeping system, biometric time clocks significantly reduce the amount of time spent by HR and accounting employees on payroll. For small businesses, this means that these employees can focus on other projects.

Myth: Biometric time clocks don’t work in many environments such as places where there is a lot of dust, dirt and grease that can obscure fingerprints.

Fact: Many of today’s fingerprint time clocks are designed to work even in harsh environmental conditions. Some readers can even effectively scan the fingerprints of a person who is wearing a glove. In addition, devices such as facial recognition or retinal scan time clocks are not impacted by the environmental conditions.


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