The Advantages of using an Online Time Clock

Unlike the traditional time machine, online time clocks allow employees to clock in and out online. This can be done on a browser or a mobile phone app. There are a few advantages online systems have their traditional counterparts:


Unlike physical time tracking systems, the data is available instantly. This is convenient when distributed teams and multiple locations are involved. Usually the data needs to be synchronized from each machine to a central server or computer and then the data is processed. With an online time clock, all this data is available instantly regardless of where the employee signed in or when.


Online time clocks are cheaper to deploy than physical systems. With the online system, only Internet access is needed for anyone to sign in and out. Even when an employee is out in the field they can sign out from a smartphone app. Physical systems on the other hand require the upfront costs to purchase the machines and install them. Then there is the maintenance cost. In addition if any machine breaks down then all the data for that day is unavailable until it is repaired.


Deploying an online time clock is also easy. Once you signup with a vendor you just need to provide access to the sign in and sign out screen to all your employees. For mobile employees only the app is necessary.

Allied Time specializes in providing solutions for businesses, enabling employers and employees to track your time clock online with a cloud-based timekeeping system.